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Plug & Play Live Streaming eBook

Free eBook from PTZOptics


Plug & Play Live Streaming eBook

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Download our Video Overlay Starter Kit with some great ideas for spicing up your next live stream!

  • Video Overlays
  • Green Screen Backgrounds
  • Audio Files
  • Adobe Photoshop files



Free eBook dedicated to live streaming

This eBook is updated and maintained by a slew of audio visual experts from PTZOptics including: Paul Richards, Joseph Mulcahy, Matthew Davis and Patrick Kirby. 

  • Twelve Section eBook including everything you need to know to live stream with today's latest techology
  • Interactive tools and comparisons to save you time researching online and getting started
  • Facts about the live streaming marketing today
  • Start to finish live streaming lessons from selecting a streaming software, to video overlays to streaming on YouTube Live

7,500 video views per day... is the equivalent to work done by 46 hyper efficient sales reps, educating customers on the product. 

According to Salesforce.com