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5 Reasons why Companies are choosing USB Video Cameras over HDMI

Posted by Paul Richards on Sep 1, 2014 7:30:00 AM

The writing is more than on the wall. It's a proven fact that companies are moving away from Hardware Based video conferencing codecs and moving to cloud based solutions in droves! So let's take a moment to look at why USB Video Cameras are becoming such as big thing.

USB_3_CRS_Man1. 1080p Quality

Is "Full HD" or 1080p quality really necessary for your online meetings? I would argue no. But either way most USB cameras now support crystal clear 1080p resolutions. Some special HDMI cameras can output beyond 1080p but for the normal user a USB Camera with 1080p does just fine.

2. Compatibility

USB 2.0 and 3.0 cameras work with virtually every "Software Based Codec" or "Online Meeting Software" out there today. So it's a "no brainer" if your company has already made the switch to cloud video conferencing.

3. Affordability

Across the board USB cameras are less expensive than HDMI output cameras. Why? USB is used in so many widely used technologies the prices have come down signifigantly over the last few years. HDMI is expensive and the parts required are too. 

4. Moving to the Cloud10x

If you in transition, thinking about moving or have already moved to the cloud, the last thing you want is a HDMI Camera you have to convert to USB. HDMI to USB conversion boxes are notoriously in-compatible with web conferencing software. Not only that, they are more expensive than a USB camera in most cases. 

USB_microphone_testing5. Simplicity

USB 2.0 and 3.0 cameras are making the lives of IT managers easy. The world of Digital Video doesn't need to be involved with Web Based video conferencing. Leave the HDMI to broadcast television and simplify your life supporting conference room equipment that is USB compatible. 

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