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Audio Solutions for Distance Learning

Posted by Julia Sherwin on Oct 9, 2019 3:15:00 PM


Recently, CRS caught up with Phoenix Audio Technologies to talk about some of their audio technologies that are helping colleges and universities meet their distance learning objectives.


Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (WITC) is a a top-ranked college serving the northwest region of Wisconsin. With multiple locations, their offerings included career-focused degree and certificate programs, customized training for businesses and a wide array of personal and career enrichment courses. WITC serves one in 16 people in the community and is committed to making their students' experience meaningful and professional, with dedicated faculty and staff who care about their individual success. 

The Problem 

With four campuses across the state, students heavily rely on the distance learning courses WITC offers. To better serve their students, WITC needed a more affordable and scalable audio solution to integrate into several classrooms across their campuses for their distance learning courses. They were experiencing many issues with other leading codec devices, including extremely high installation costs and limitations to the number of microphones that could be used in one room. 


The Solution 

“I wanted to separate the camera and audio into two different products just because I was sick of both failing because of one connection. I wanted something that we could use with as little as one microphone but could upscale to larger conference center spaces if needed. That was how I found the Phoenix Spiders. I watched some YouTube videos of daisy-chaining 15 of them together and thought they were perfect” says Tim Bablick, Network & Security Administrator at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College 

The Outcome 

WITC began implementing the ceiling-mounted Phoenix Audio Smart Spiders and Power Hubs. So far, they have installed 22 rooms with ceiling-mounted, daisy-chained Smart Spiders with plans to complete 17 more by the end of the school year and 20 additional rooms in the following school year. Most of their rooms are covered with two to four Spiders paired with conferencing camera. The addition of the Smart Spiders allowed WITC to improve their distance learning courses without disruptions due to technical difficulties. 

Products: Smart Spiders, Ceiling Mounts, The Power Hub 

About Phoenix Audio 

Based in Southern California, Phoenix Audio Technologies is a leading innovator of audio communication solutions, striving to provide audio and video conferencing with simple-to-install, easy-to-use, high-quality audio. The company designs and manufactures products that address the fast pace changes in communication trends, conferencing environments, and connectivity technologies. Phoenix Audio’s proprietary audio algorithms aim to improve the communication experience and enable people to speak freely and naturally with as little compromise in quality as possible. For more information, visit www.phnxaudio.com. 

For purchasing audio solutions, or for personalized assistance, reach out to one of our dedicated representatives at sales@crs-us.com



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