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Audio Visual Insights for Web-Conferencing and Live Streaming

Matthew Davis

Matthew Davis is a an audio visual expert and engineer. Focused on the Web Video Confernecing industry.
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What's In Store for 2016? Play with our Video Conferencing Prediction Tool!

Posted by Matthew Davis on Dec 30, 2015 9:03:42 PM

Every year ConferenceRoomSystems.com releases their predictions for the video conferencing industry along with the results from the previous year. We didn't see everything we predicted for 2015 but we did see some amazing advances in video conferencing, live streaming and wireless presentation.

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Topics: Video Conferencing, Web Video Conferencing, Webinars, zoom

YouTube Live is about to change online streaming forever!

Posted by Matthew Davis on Jun 4, 2015 3:10:02 PM

YouTube Live

YouTube celebrated its 10 years anniversary at the start of May 2015 and it’s still going strong. There was a time when the company was struggling to survive and now users view millions of videos each day generating more than a billion views. YouTube is still growing strongly with a 50% year on year increase in video views. It’s a platform like no other and many professionals also use it to live stream their events. Tomorrowland, one of the biggest music event is live streamed on YouTube each year to engage its fans across the globe. YouTube Live is a much needed platform in this fast paced world where we are always on the road trying to get ahead of our competition.

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Topics: Broadcasting, WebCasting, Technological Wonders, streaming

WebRTC and Microsoft Lync Creating a Business Standard

Posted by Matthew Davis on Oct 24, 2014 9:08:35 AM

Anyone who has tried to keep in contact while saving money has needless to say watched, as conferencing solutions have gone from something that kinda-sorta-maybe could be considered a video call to high-quality, interactive discussions.

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Topics: Web Video Conferencing, Online Meeting Software, Audio Visual Advice, Microsoft Lync, MS Lync, Office 365, cloud based conferencing

A Wireless Future for Video Conferencing

Posted by Matthew Davis on Oct 16, 2014 1:38:00 PM

From the early telephonoscope concept in 1879, which transmitted “light,” or images, accompanied by sound, to Germany’s first commercially available “videotelephony” in the late 1930s, people recognized the value in accompanying audio with images or video. 

By the 1970’s, AT&T’s Picturephone technology had pushed the market as far as it could go, evolving from a series of static images generated every few seconds to a “smooth” video stream. Yet further progress seemed stalled as a result of the pipelines—preexisting telephone lines, which could only carry limited amounts of data.

Not only was it limited, but the extreme costs of owning and maintaining such equipment were ghastly, particularly to the budget conscious businesses of the time. As a result, the technology would remain out of reach for most businesses over the next few years. 

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Topics: Web Video Conferencing, Online Meeting Software, Audio Visual Advice, web conferencing, wireless usb conference camera, wireless webcam

CRS Buyers Guide

Posted by Matthew Davis on Aug 4, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Conference Room Systems Buyers Guide is here

Were pretty excited about it. Special thanks to everyone involved getting this one of kind USB Video Conferencing Buyers Guide together. 

Enjoy Version 2.5 of Conference Room Systems 2015 Buyers Guide

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