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Blue jeans all you can meet plan pricing

Posted by Paul Richards on Jun 8, 2013 12:11:00 PM

Bluejeans videoconferencing pricing

Haverford systems June 2013:
Bluejeans video conferencing service announces new plans for all you can meet. All you can meet videoconferencing plans from bluejeans are based on the amount of active users your organization has. This service is obviously geared towards companies with over 200 active video conferencing users. Bluejeans videoconferencing blog notes that each user license will cost between $50 and $10 depending on the organizations size. The base bluejeans price for a small business is $10,000 per year no matter how many "active users" you have. Bluejeans all you can meet videoconferencing price get for the more employees using bluejeans.
Bluejeans videoconferencing pricing suggests their target market is medium and large-size companies. For companies with less than 100 users the price for bluejeans videoconferencing service can range between $200-1000 per user per year.
The price from bluejeans videoconferencing all you can meet does include one of the best stable interoperable videoconferencing systems. Bluejeans makes possible what was once impossible: connecting H.323 videoconferencing systems with almost every other web-based videoconferencing system available. Flutings jeans pricing also includes the world's first mobile app for video conferencing and sharing content at the same time. Bluejeans videoconferencing system is so easy that it drastically increases the amount of video being used by organizations.

Our hope is that bluejeans will come out with a more affordable small business solution.

Currently bluejeans pricing does not offer pay-as-you-go or single-user licenses that are affordable. A single-user license from bluejeans costs upwards of $7000 a year. The cost for one bluejeans license seems
high at $7000 a year but it's meant to be shared. I would also hope that bluejeans would come out with a monthly service instead of forcing customers to buy a yearly subscription. Bluejeans does offer the best cloud-based videoconferencing service available but it's not like they don't have competition. Vidtel Offers similar cloud-based videoconferencing systems that connect with H.323 systems. Vidtel pay-as-you-go and monthly plans that are far less expensive

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