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Bluejeans pricing

Posted by Paul Richards on Jun 7, 2013 5:23:00 PM

Haverford systems June 2013: After talking with my bluejeans sales rep we went over the pricing options for small business of 20 people. Bluejeans offers yearly subscriptions to their services which start at $10,000 for a small business of 20 people. This $10,000 price for bluejeans videoconferencing cloud services allows unlimited access for small businesses I believe under 100 employees. Bluejeans also offers pricing for a six-month pilot which is roughly $5000 for a six months trial. The great thing about bluejeans is it works for Cisco jabber Microsoft lync and H.323 videoconferencing endpoints.
If you just need a single license of blue jeans videoconferencing you're looking at roughly $7000. This is bluejeans price for a shared license. Meaning $7000 pays for one shared license they can only be used for one meeting at a time. If you need to do simultaneous meetings and have the ability for more than one person to do to use bluejeans video conferencing services you have to upgrade to the small business plan which is $10,000 a year.

Bluejeans basic videoconferencing service for small businesses costs roughly $833 a month. Single

-user license from bluejeans cost roughly $583 a month. Bluejeans basically the premium supplier of web video conferencing interoperable services. Prices from vidtel start at $299 a month and go up to $499 a month for 18 concurrent users. also offers pay-as-you-go per minute solutions starting at just $.25 minute. If you are considering either of these solutions call Haverford systems at 610-518-2200.

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