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Cost of Video Conferencing Keeps Going Down!

Posted by Patrick Kirby on Mar 15, 2014 8:32:00 AM

Cost of Video Conferencing Keeps Going Down!


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Has the high cost of Video Conferencing been the reason why you haven't enabled your conference rooms for video? If that is what you've been thinking you are not alone. Video Conferencing Systems form CISCO and Polycom cost tens of thousand of dollars. They don't want you to know that there is a better way.

Do you really want to rely on an IT staff or AV support team in order to make video calls from your conference rooms? That is one of the main reasons that only Big Companies have been participating in video conferencing.

The future has arrived. You can bring the benefits of effective video communications without breaking your budget. We offer high quality HD video conferencing systems that are extremely affordable. A complete system for under $2,500! And you are going to love to discover that you can easily setup the entire system yourself in no time. And when it comes to using and sharing the systems you can also do it yourself.

Conference Room Systems offers affordable, Easy to Setup and Use Video Conferencing Systems. Visit today Arrive Large FacePoint 1and discover for yourself how affordable and easy it is to enable more of your conference rooms with video. The benefits of effective communications without the high costs of travel and lost time are within your grasp. Let's get's started. Visit us today and browse our carefully designed line of cloud video conferencing systems.

Discuss your individual needs with one of our experts. You'll be up and running before you know it. We have simplified everything for you. There is nothing stopping you from enabling your team and organization with the tools to benefit from face to face meetings anywhere anytime.

Whether your room is large or small... With simple presentation capabilities, or multi-seat, multi-screen, high-bandwith video conferencing... Whether you’re relying on outside contractors, or building it entirely by yourself...


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We can help!

We offer the latest USB Pan-Tilt-Zoom conference room cameras, LED Projectors, Smart Boards, Wireless Presentation Devices, Audio Gear... and essentially every other type of A/V equipment that you might choose to include in your conference room. Yet, we are much more than just a product company:

We are the online division of Haverford Systems, one of the region’s most respected, custom, audio-visual design and installation companies, with twenty-SEVEN years experience building boardrooms, conference rooms, interactive classrooms, leading-edge presentation technologies, and complex audio-visual conferencing systems. Our system designers and installers build conferencing systems for some of the nation’s leading organizations in industry, government, and education, as well as for many small and mid-sized organizations. While many of these customers rely on us for full-service design, installation, monitoring and support, we know many other organizations prefer to do their own installs, and we created Conference Room Systems to serve those organizations.

Because of our extensive experience, we can confidently offer you a complete conferencing solution that we’ve tested here and is guaranteed to work. Not all the products on the market work well with each other, but with our bundles, that will never be a problem. We package our systems with all the necessary cables and accessories to allow you to complete the setup yourself, without any gotchas or surprises. Plus, we have our own fabrication facilities, and are able to make almost any kind of cable, mount, or other accessory that you will ever need.

Connected tablets, smartphones and laptops, USB cameras, panels and projectors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless presentation systems: these are some of the technologies that TODAY, have come together, to create a virtual revolution in conferencing possibilities. Combine this with lower costs for technology, bandwith and Cloud services, and you have the drivers that are making it possible for you to design your dream conference room, and then build it yourself, for a lot less than you might be expecting! And because you are dealing direct, we can offer you Internet pricing and special bundles that will save you a bundle on a system that will be easy to install and easy to use.

Of course the big savings come from having an effective conference room that cuts travel and support costs, improves client communications, and brings all your people together no matter where they are! We at Conference Room Systems want to be your audio visual systems partner. If you’re planning a new conference room this year or next, please give us a call and let’s get a conversation started. Tell us your goals, your budget and your timeline, and let us make a recommendation.

Also, visit our Website at Conference Room Systems.com and use our planning tools, such as our LCD size guide and a camera compatibility charts, and take advantage of our extensive library of technical product information.

We also offer free videos 24/7 on a range of topics that will help you select the right equipment for your specific situation, and will also help you with the product’s installation and use.

And because seeing is believing, we really urge you to join one or more of our free Webinars, covering the hot conferencing topics of the day. Our Webinars run all day every Friday and let you see and interact with the latest conferencing equipment live from whereever you are. Please visit our Website to view our Webinar schedule.

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CRS is the eCommerce division of Haveford Systems. Established in 1987, Haverford Systems is a custom audio visual design and installation company. Our goal at Conference Room Systems is to deliver affordable, easy to use and install conference room technology. We believe and our customers confirm that technology has become easier to setup and use. For the small and less complicated conference room, the time has come when you can do it yourself if you choose. Doing it your self can save you thousands in design and installation fees. Even if you don’t want to do it yourself we have simplified the process to the level where any general contractor of facilities team can.

Because of our extensive experience with building conference rooms we are able to design and offer our customers systems that are tested and proven. We package the systems with the necessary cables and accessories to complete the setup yourself. By selecting from our systems you will avoid costly mistakes trying to choose from a flood of new products on the market. Why take that risk when we have done the testing for you. Your goal is to have effective meetings. Our job it to eliminate any hurdles in your way of reaching your goals.

Today you can equip rooms for video conferencing at a fraction of the cost of just last year. In fact the cost was very prohibitive and excluded the


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majority from participating. At Conference Room Systems you can choose from a carefully selected line of web conferencing systems that are affordable, easy to install and use. Our satisfied customers are saving time and money that was previously spent on travel and related expenses.

We are available to discuss your conference room and make recommendations that will help you choose or design a system that meets your particular needs and budget. One of our expert systems designers will help you make the right decisions and you will be ready to setup and install your conference room systems in days not months. You can also take advantage of the extensive technical information available at Conference Room Systems. For instance we offer an LCD size guide and a camera compatibility chart.

USB-PTZ-Bundle-systemsConference Room Systems is your audio visual systems partner. Along with our unique offering of complete systems we also provide a carefully selected line of conference room audio visual solutions. Wireless presentations from tablets, smartphones and laptops are very popular. USB solutions for audio and video are available. We make custom cables to meet your custom installation requirements. We offer optional installation support services over the phone during your setup and installation. We strive to be your best choice for audio visual systems.

Visit any Friday and attend one of our free webinars covering the Hot topics of the day.


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