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Digital signage kiosk pricing

Posted by Paul Richards on Jun 7, 2013 3:49:00 PM

Haverford systems June 2013: In today's post we will talk about digital signage kiosk pricing and the options available in 2013. There are three basic types of digital signage kiosks vertical horizontal and motorized. There are also other forms of wall-mounted, ceiling mounted, and the floor mounted digital signage that we will provide pricing on a follow-up post. Digital signage kiosks have become extremely popular for lobbies entrance areas hallways public areas and retail stores. Digital signage kiosks are sleek high-tech forms for displaying advertising information. Developed countries around the world are seeing more more digital signage kiosks in public places and private offices. There are two basic ways to upload content to a digital signage kiosk either over your network the Internet or simply from a USB memory card. If you would like to keep your digital signage kiosk up-to-date over the Internet you need to decide whether you're going to use hardwired connection or Wi-Fi. A constant Internet connection to your digital signage kiosk will keep the information up to date to the minute. Changing and updating content can be as easy as accessing the web browser with the IP address of your digital signage player. You can either login to your digital signage kiosks server which serves content to multiple players or you can log into each usual science kiosk player individually. If you decide to use digital signage kiosk with the memory card and put you have to manually upload Content to your USB stick and change it as necessary. Idea electronics company Provides such a digital signage kiosk that includes a lock box for your USB input. Digital signage QSC use memory cards are often at least half the cost of the digital signage server system.

Basic pricing for a 55" digital signage kiosk with the USB input is $2500.

To add additional digital signage server on your network with web browser based control you're looking at roughly $5000 for the entire package. Idea electronics company builds digital signage kiosks up to 65 inches. Idea electronics company is one of the many Chinese digital signage kiosk manufactures. They come with a standard one-year warranty 30 day no hassle return policy. Other digital signage manufactures in the United States include Meridian. Meridian digital signage kiosks offer drag-and-drop digital signage. Although the cost for Meridian digital signage kiosk is roughly $6-$7000 455 inch digital signage kiosk they offer a three-year warranty and a USA manufactured stamp. Meridian digital signage kiosks come with a built-in computer for easy drag-and-drop digital signage.
Cabinet Tronics Offers motorize digital signage kiosks for upscale lobbies and private offices. Is digital signage kiosks include motorize lifts for the digital signage to impress customers and normally run about $5000. This does not include a browser-based digital sign system that would cost another $3000.


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