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Evoko and Crestron Room Scheduling System Comparison

Posted by Paul Richards on May 28, 2013 11:13:00 AM

Crestron and Evoko Room Management System Side-by-Side Comparison

After reviewing, installing and providing technical support for both of these touch screen room management systems we decided to introduce a review covering the most commonly compared features for the Evoko ERM1001 and the Crestron TPMC-4SM. While both are incredible touch screen room scheduler's there are some key differences in features and abilities. The most important thing to consider first if cost.

While the Evoko ERM1001 is more expensive than the Creston TPMC-4SM, the Creston TPMC-4SM requires a Crestron Fusion server which costs $5000 and requires custom crestron programming.

With that being said the Evoko will almost always be the cheaper option for small business's. The next most important feature is Crestron can do almost anything with it's control system and the Evoko ERM1001 is purpose built for room scheduling. The Crestron TPMC-4SM can control the room lighting, audio visual equipment even HVAC is so desired. So in feature sense it really depends on exactly the requirements of your project scope.

Below is a simple side by side comparison to help anyone considering the differences of these two products. We do have more information to come and please feel free to reach out about evoko room management system or the crestron room management system for more information or custom crestron programming.

  Evoko Room Manager Crestron


evoko room scheduler evoko room scheduler


crestron 4.3" touch screen room scheduler crestron 4.3" touch screen room scheduler
Part Number ERM1001 TPMC-4SM
DataBase Integration MS Exchange & Google Apps Crestron Fusion RV Remote Asset Management Software
Touch Screen Size 8" 4.3"
Screen Sharing/Application Sharing Yes Yes
Encryption Yes 256-bit AES
Audio Visual Integration Reporting Actual Control
Streaming Video No Yes
Proximity Sensing No Yes
Resolution 800x480 800x480
Built in Microphone No Yes
Occupancy Sensing No Yes
Unique Features Intuitive Green/Red Glow for Open/In-Use Total Audio Visual and Asset Management Capabilities
Price $1,479 $1,100
    *Requires Crestron Fusion Server $5000

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