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Philadelphia sound masking installer

Posted by Paul Richards on May 31, 2013 2:59:00 PM

Haverford systems May 31, 2013: Haverford systems is a Cambridgetown masking installer in the Philadelphia area. Haverford systems has been installing sound masking for over 10 years in the Philadelphia area.

Sound masking is a White noise system meant to improve privacy and productivity in the workplace.

Sound masking increases productivity by reducing distractions in areas such as cubicle areas private offices and open areas where important information in there needs to be private or information is being distracting for employees. Areas where secure information can be further secured by sound masking I'll Banks medical area and private offices where information is being discussed it shouldn't be overheard. Haverford systems is Philadelphia's cambridge sound management installer. Camberso management sound masking is a direct field sound masking installed in the drop ceiling. Direct field sound masking is much different than in platinum sound masking from Lencore acoustics. Cambert sound masking tends to be less expensive four projects under 100,000 ft.². General pricing for sound masking is $2-$3 a square foot. For installation prices for sound masking in the Philadelphia area call 610-518-2200

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