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Smart Board Selection Guide

Posted by Patrick Kirby on Jul 16, 2014 4:35:00 PM

Smart Boards Sizes Overview

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Smart Technologies Smartboards come with in 77", 87" and 94" Sizes. We now offer the Smart Lightraise Projector with the same Smart Notebook Software projecting up to 100"! When you are choosing the correct SmartBoard check out our Smart Board Selection Guide PDF available for download. Smartboard Selection Guide PDF

SB680 77" Smartboard

SB685 87" Smartboard

Smart LightRaise 100"

[product id="" sku="SB680"]
[product id="" sku="SB685"]
[product id="" sku="SLR60wi"]







...Smart Board Projector Combos...


Smart Board Projector Combo's

Smartboards can be purchased with the a projector bundle that includes everything you need for your Smart Classroom or conference room. Smartboard bundles can be purchased with either Smart Notebook Software OR Smart Meeting Pro Software. Smart Notebook software is primarily used in the classroom and Smart Meeting Pro is primarily used in business settings.

SB680 77" w/ Projector

SB685 87" Smartboard w/ Projector

SB685 w/ UX80 Projector with SMP

[product id="" sku="SB680i6"]
[product id="" sku="SBX885ix2"]
[product id="" sku="SBX885ix2-SMP"]





Smart Board LCD Sizes

Smart Technologies new line of Touch Screen LCD's are the latest and greatest for Conference Rooms and Classroom. Each LCD can be purchased with either Smart Meeting Pro or Smart Notebook. Read our Smartboard LCD Guide Here Smartboard LCD Selection Guide

55" SmartBoard LCD

70" SmartBoard LCD

84" SmartBoard LCD

[product id="" sku="SBID8055i-SMP"]
[product id="" sku="E70"]
[product id="" sku="SBID8084i-G4-SMP"]


Smart Podiums EDU (Smart Notebook)

Smart Interactive Pen Displays are a great additional to any Audio Visual system. Smart Inteactive Pen Displays quickly add interactivity to any projection system.

18" Smart Podium

24" Smart Podium

[product id="" sku="SP518-NB"]
[product id="" sku="SP518-NB"]

smart board size guide

See our Smart Boards for Business Guide

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Video Conferencing Builder

video conf

Simple USB Video Conferencing System builder. Starting with a USB Camera you can add: USB Audio Solutions, USB extensions, mounts and "Soft Codec" computers.



LCD Conference Room Builder

LCD confernece room thumb

LED-LCD Conference Room system builder. Choose from 50-80" LED-LCD's, Touch Screens, Wireless Presentation and various mounting options.



LED Projection System Builder

projector conference room thumb

Our Projection system builder starts with the latest LED Projectors. Add wireless presentation, A/V Wallplates and video conferencing



Smart Board Overview

SmartBoard Thumb

Complete SMART Technology overview covering all the Smart Boards and Touch Screen LCD's offered. This complete 2014 line up compares sizes, features and technology best practices for interactive Smart Boards.



Touch Screen Overview

lcd-led conf thumb

Our Touch Screen LCD overview starts with the smallest 32-42" interactive LCD's and works it's way up to the giant 84" 4K touch screen lcd's available today. From InFocus, SMART, ELO and Sharp you will find easy to use comparisons.



Audio Conferencing Overview

audio conferencing overview

Our USB Audio Conferencing guide covers the very best from ClearONE, Vaddio, Phoenix Audio and Konftel. We cover everything from personal USB solutions to complete ceiling microphone boardroom solutions with wireless audio conferencing dialers.


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