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Telylabs Skype webcam Video Conferencing Unit

Posted by Paul Richards on Jun 20, 2013 3:18:00 PM



telylabs telyMed MTS-100 video confernecing telyHD telemedicine telylabs telyMed MTS-100 video conferencing telyHD telemedicine

At the ATA Conference, Austin, TX, May 5 - 7, Tely Labs will showcase battery-powered, Wi-Fi workstation enabling high definition remote video consultation at breakthrough price point

AUSTIN, TX: May 6, 2013 - Tely Labs - maker of the award-winning telyHD™ video calling system - today announced telyMed™ MTS-100 Mobile Station, an integrated telemedicine workstation designed to meet the needs of healthcare providers for security, mobility and ease of use at the point of care, at less than half the cost of existing mobile telemedicine carts.

Healthcare reforms and accelerating demand for expensive specialist treatment are pressuring hospitals and clinics to find more cost-effective ways of delivering care while controlling costs. This has stimulated a heightened interest in telemedicine solutions. Until now, the substantial expense and complexity of videoconferencing equipment have prevented pervasive adoption.

The battery-powered, Wi-Fi-enabled telyMed MTS-100 Mobile Station is a plug-and-play system that eliminates complicated set up procedures, integrating the telyHD video calling appliance, telyMed software service and an HDTV screen into a custom-designed workstation. The high-definition video collaboration system provides valuable functionality for medical use cases ranging from remote patient consultations to virtual care teams, providing enhanced access to examination and treatment at unprecedented value.

"A widening digital divide has prevented many under-funded healthcare facilities from accessing the technology that would help them offer a broader range of care to more people. Affordable telemedicine can change that scenario," said Sreekanth Ravi, President and CEO of Tely Labs. "telyMed and the telyMed MTS-100 Mobile Station are great examples of technology innovations that make a real difference to patients, medical professionals, and healthcare facilities by increasing access to specialist care from any facility."

telyMed and telymed MTS-100 Mobile Station Solutions

The telyMed video calling solution was developed in partnership with leading providers of telemedicine solutions and services. telyMed is the first solution to make telemedicine accessible to all healthcare providers, including rural and underserved areas, by offering simple, secure, high quality video calling at a far more affordable cost than traditional systems. Because the telyMed solution - which powers the telyMed MTS-100 Mobile Station - is both Skype™ certified and SIP standard-based, telyMed can be used to call anyone, anywhere in the world, with any Skype enabled device or industry standard legacy system. The solution interoperates with laptops, tablets, mobile phones, or high-end solutions.


The telyMed MTS-100 Mobile Station is available through Tely Labs' growing network of authorized resellers. For the contact information of the authorized reseller nearest you, please contact Tely Labs at sales@tely.com.

Tely Labs will demonstrate the new solution at the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) annual conference in Austin, TX, May 5-7, at booth #511. More information can be found at www.tely.com.

About Tely Labs

Founded in 2010 by the successful entrepreneurial team of Sreekanth Ravi (President and CEO) and Sudhakar Ravi (CTO), Tely Labs is a pioneer in simple, secure and affordable video communication and collaboration systems that fundamentally change the way people communicate. The company's products are used extensively in Enterprise conference rooms, remote offices, SMBs and healthcare facilities worldwide. For more information on Tely Labs, visit www.tely.com.

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