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Tightrope Digital Signage

Posted by Paul Richards on May 5, 2013 8:31:00 PM

Digital Signage using Tightrope Media Systems

Digital Signage is made easy for Tightrope Media Systems Digital Signage products. Let's start with the digital signage players. Each Tightrope Digital Signage player like the tightrope Carousel 250 is browser based. This means you make all of your changes easily from any browser like google chrome, mozilla firefox or internet explorer.


tightrope-carousel-digital-signage-player tightrope-carousel-digital-signage-player

Tightrope Carousel Browser Based Digital Signage

Each Carousel digital signage player will either need a server or need to be a server itself. Depending on which tightrope digital signage player your choose you will either have VGA or HDMI connection to the digital signage display. Since the tightrope carousel digital signage players are browser based once they are plugged into the network and your display you won't normally have to connect to them. Initially you may want to connect to your tightrope digital signage player with a USB keyboard and mouse just to get things set up. But once your on the network your ready to make all of your changes from any computer on the network. Also, a quick tip. If you install log-me-in software on your Digital Signage player you can take control of your digital signage player Windows 7 Backbone whenever you need to whether your inside your network or not!

Tightrope Carousel Digital Signage Servers

Tightrope Carousel Digital Signage Servers live on the network and provide periodical content "pushes" to your digital signage players. Tightropes digital signage software is built to use low bandwidth because there is no constant connection between the digital signage server and the digital signage players. Each tightrope digital signage server can server seperate channels of content to digital signage players on your network. The simple system makes for a easy to use, operate and train members of your organization to provide customized digital signage to the world!


tightrope-media-systems-digital-signage-carousel tightrope-media-systems-digital-signage-carousel


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