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USB 3.0 Pinouts

Posted by Patrick Kirby on Apr 9, 2014 9:02:00 AM

We have extracted this info from Wikipedia and created a Pin-out table showing the cabling of USB 3.0.

This may help in understanding the differences.
As you can see from the table, USB 3.0 is a super-set which includes the pin-out of USB1.x/2.0, thereby preserving the capability of backward compatibility.
In a USB 1.x/2.0 port the additional 3.0 contacts are not mated to a receiving contact and so the cable and its host or device at the other end are simply viewed as 1.x/2.0 by the 3.0 port.
Also, note that all USB 3.0 data is sent over two separate data pairs from the single 1.x/2.0 data pair. I do not know for sure but it would seem that a host and device could potentially send both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 data simultaneously, if both were designed with ports to take advantage of this 3 lane highway (i.e. 2 high speed lanes thus providing duplex Tx/Rx and one low speed lane with simplex Tx/Rx ).
Regarding device powering from host port: USB 1.x/2.0 = 500mA; USB 3.0 = 900mA
Matt, have you seen any evidence of all 3 lanes being used simultaneously in a product?

USB 3.0 Connector Pinouts

Pin Color Signal name Signal name Description USB1.x/2.0

("A" Connector) ("B" Connector)

Shell N/A Shield Shield Metal housing Yes

1 Red VBUS VBUS Power Yes

2 White D− D- USB 2.0 differential pair Yes

3 Green D+ D+ USB 2.0 differential pair Yes

4 Black GND GND Ground for power return Yes

5 Blue StdA_SSRX− StdB_SSTX− SuperSpeed transmitter differential pair N/A

6 Yellow StdA_SSRX+ StdB_SSTX+ SuperSpeed transmitter differential pair N/A

7 N/A GND_DRAIN GND_DRAIN Ground for signal return N/A

8 Purple StdA_SSTX− StdB_SSRX− SuperSpeed receiver differential pair N/A

9 Orange StdA_SSTX+ StdB_SSRX+ SuperSpeed receiver differential pair N/A

The USB 3.0 "Powered-B" connector has two additional pins

10 N/A DPWR Power provided by device (Powered-B only)

11 N/A DGND Ground return to DPWR (Powered-B only)

Note: USB1.x/2.0 uses a subset of this (Shield, Red, White, Green, Black) providing for the backwards compatibility

“capabilities” of USB 3.0

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