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Vidtel compared to blue jeans

Posted by Paul Richards on Jun 6, 2013 3:08:00 PM

Haverford systems 2013:

Vidtel compared to bluejeans

Vidtel and Bluejeans are videoconferencing services Connecting multiple video conferencing platforms over the Internet. Vidtel was Established a year earlier than bluejeans in Sunnyvale California. A lot has changed since 2008 and bluejeans videoconferencing service is now the world's largest interoperable videoconferencing platform. Both systems offer unique features and benefits that would make one choose one over the other. It id our hope to give a well-rounded approach to comparing bluejeans and Vidtel. Interoperability is the key for videoconferencing and both companies have figured out great ways to make it work for large medium and small size businesses.
Let's start with videoconferencing in the cloud price per month. Normally vidtel charges around $200 per month for five person room. This means five concurrent users can call into the room simultaneously from different videoconferencing platforms. Vidtel also offers a per minute pay-as-you-go plan for videoconferencing in the cloud. Bluejeans charges per seat meaning one license per user while Vidtel charges per room Which can serve up to 18 people at a time. Bluejeans can normally run between $200-300 a user per month but plans are paid for yearly and offered in company sized packages. With bluejeans pricing the larger your organization is the better deal you'll get per user.

Now lets talk about interoperability features for blue jeans and Vidtel.

Both support the big videoconferencing names such as Polycom and Cisco H.323 and SIP endpoints. Both companies support the top free video conferencing systems: Skype, google hangout, and webRTC. Bluejeans has a slightly longer list or so taking the time to review which platforms work best for your organization is important.
Now lets talk about support for cloud-based videoconferencing. Depending on how critical your video conferencing meetings are 24/7 support can be important. Bluejeans currently offers 24/7 support while Vidtel only offers 9-6 MF support.
Finally features: Bluejeans best feature is the mobile app The first Interoperable mobile app compatible with every major video conferencing service. Vidtels unique features includes pay as you go service and constant connection services for gateway enterprise systems.



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