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Virtual Video Wall

Posted by Patrick Kirby on Jul 16, 2014 4:41:00 PM

Virtual Video Wall


virtual Video wall 

Virtual Video Walls are now affordable to install with software allowing for virtual window processing of an unlimited amount windows simultaneously, with an unlimited amount of users and unlimited resolutions. Sound too good to be true. Learn more about Mersive Solstice and ask us for a free 30 day demo to really see and believe the power of Mersive Solstice. Allowing any Windows PC to become a server and display High Definition and beyond video processing. By sharing pixels not data Mersive have revolutionized the industry and now provide software solution for wireless presentation that supports 60+ frame rates, high definition and complete security and enterprise management.

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Are you looking for a future proof Video Presentation Solution? Mersive Solstice is now offering a Software Based Solution you can install on any Windows PC to create a "Virtual Video Wall" experience. The core of Mersive Solstice is Wireless Presentation using your existing WiFi network to connect any PC, MAC, Android or Apple iOS device for wireless presentation. The Mersive Solstice software than provides support for unlimited resolutions in a pixel landscape you can use with multiple Projectors or flat screen TV's to create a "Virtual Video Wall". Mersive Solstice allows an unlimited amount users on your network to upload or stream pieces of media to your Virtual Video Wall. Moderator control allows Professors and Meeting Organizers to control the entire display. One key benefit to Mersive Solstice's Software approach is the "Future Proof" license. purchase. Offering unlimited resolutions for the 4K LCD Monitors to come in 2014 and 2015. One license of Mersive Solstice will provide a lifetime of Wireless Presentation and Collaboration for your next Video Wall Project. Visit Conference Room Systems.com to learn more or speak with one of our Experts at 1 800-486-5276


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