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Want to lose the wires in your conference room?

Posted by Stephanie Peters on Feb 24, 2014 5:05:00 AM

Maybe it’s time to connect to your display wirelessly.


Do I eliminatie VGA and HDMI hard-wired connections?

If you’re looking to upgrade your conference room you may face the decision of connecting to your LCD or projector wirelessly. Many of my customers have been requesting this feature lately. Rightfully so, it’s a wonderful new technology to have. The first question I ask them is if they’d like to be 100% wireless or have 1 hard-wired connection. The reason I ask this is because if you decide to not run any cabling from your display to your computer you may have potential issues in the future. If you’re unable to connect with the wireless connection you essentially have no good way to connect to the display. You could drape the cabling from the LCD or projector but that will leave your conference room looking a bit messy. I always like to recommend that 1 hard-wire connection remain in the room as a back up option. The wireless devices are reliable but what happens if it fails on the day of an important presentation. It’s better to have a quick cable connection to avoid any confusion and delay in the workday.

Since there’s a high demand for wireless connectivity, many companies have released unique ways to connect to your device. They range from around $450 - $4,000 and all have different features to offer.


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Stephanie Peters

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Nearing two years of sales experience in the Audio Visual industry I've gained confidence in my skill set, which includes: AV System Design, Video & Web Conferencing, Sound Masking, Digital Signage, Direct Marketing, Lead Generation, Lead Qualification, Business-to-Business Sales

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