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Wireless Presentation Overview

Posted by Patrick Kirby on Jul 16, 2014 4:43:00 PM

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Wireless Presentation is becoming the new standard for Collaboration in the Visual Communication Space. We now have 3 popular, tried and true solutions for wireless presentation solutions from Crestron, Mersive and Barco. The great divide is Hardware or Software? Many clients of our prefer a Hardware solution because it is a dedicated application with a dedicated purpose. Although Software Wireless Presentation Solutions have many benefits such as Unlimited Users, Unlimited Windows for Sharing, Unlimited Resolutions and improved security. So let's take a moment to review these technologies emerging in 2014.

Crestron AirMedia

Mersive Solstice

Barco ClickShare


Wireless Presentation Crestron Air Media Mersive Solstice Barco Clickshare
Price $1,295 $2,999 $3,950
Display Side Platform Proprietary Hardware Any Windows PC Proprietary Hardware
Connection Software Software Physical USB Button
Video Rates 15-25 FPS 30-60 FPS 30 FPS
Simultaneous Users 4 Unlimited 4
Additional Clients Free Free $409
Remote Viewing Yes Yes Yes
Supported Mobile Devices iOS & Android iOS & Android iPad

Barco Releases a "Mini Click Share"


  • 2 Barco Buttons!
  • HD Wireless Presentation Full 1920x1080p.
  • HDMI & VGA Outputs
  • iPad Support
  • Mac, PC & ThinClient Support
  • Only $1,750!

Mersive Releases a "Small Group Edition"


  • Future Proof Software Based Solution
  • 4 Simultaneous Users
  • PC, Mac OSX, Android, iOS Devices
  • Changes made in real time
  • Live Streaming to display

Hardware vs Software

Wireless Presentation Hardware Software
Resolution Full HD 1920x1080 Unlimited (upgrade to 4k easily)
Display Side Platform Proprietary Hardware Any Windows PC
Windows for Sharing Maximum of 4 Unlimited
Security Data sent over Network (barco closed network) Only Sharing Pixels not data
Enterprise Management Barco No - AirMedia Yes Yes
Moderator Mode No Yes


Quick Video Overview

Crestron AirMedia

Quick 60 overview of the Crestron AirMedia Hardware Wireless Presentation AM-100
Mersive Solstice

Overview of Mersive Solstice Wireless Presentation Software.
Barco ClickShare


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