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Build your own Live Streaming Studio - Complete Guide

Enjoy our complete guide and get the free coupon code for our complete course!

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Introduction to this guide:

Welcome to our guide on “Building In-House Video Studios”! I am so happy you have found the time the starting thinking about designing a killer studio background for your videos. The process of finding your style and creating a background can actually take years for many video creators and it is our hope to speed you along the way to creating your next amazing video set! If you haven’t already, join our free UDEMY course on “Building a Video Studio” with free coupon code: “StreamingSet”.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Follow along as we design our dream live streaming studio for under $1,000!
  • Enjoy a behind the scenes look at setting up our in-house video production studio
  • Review a well documented technology set up including: lights, cameras, microphones, cabling and software

About me:

  • 8+ years in the Audio Visual Industry
  • 4,000 students taught on Udemy
  • 100+ Positive Reviews
  • Host of weekly live show PTZOptics Live