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Facebook add live streaming... See why this is good for your business!

Posted by Paul Richards on May 18, 2016 10:09:46 AM

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Hello AV & IT Pros,

If you follow the live streaming and broadcast industry, you have heard about Facebook adding the ability for users to live stream video. Facebook’s two prong approach accommodates everyday smartphone users and professional broadcasters (with RTMP). Just like Google/YouTube, Facebook is optimizing their platform for live streaming. In this article we are going to outline why this is a BIG deal.

Prime Facebook Notifications

Most marketing departments have been working hard building up their social media following. One of the most important aspects of a quality social following is the instant notifications that are integrated into the platform. These “organic” notifications become a non-intrusive communication method for companies biggest fans. Social media messaging helps your team drive awareness and build momentum for whatever your message is. If your company has taken the time to build up a Facebook following you can quickly leverage this platform to launch your next live stream with a bang!

Network Reach

When you live stream to Facebook your potential reach is basically your followers and the reach of your viewers who decide to share your content. Facebook is currently optimizing live content and there is a large opportunity for businesses dedicated to growing on the Facebook platform to extend their reach. Facebook advertising is a proven business model used by the world’s large companies. Facebook boasts it’s 1.2 billion user reach along with an incredible 900 million users who login everyday! Advertising budgets on Facebook can starts with as little as $5 and can be targeted by demographics, location and much more. 

YouTube Live vs Facebook for live streaming?

YouTube Live launched in 2014, beating Facebook to the punch by about 2 years. Both platforms enjoy huge, loyal fan bases who happily consume content inside their familiar, easy to use interfaces. My vote goes to YouTube if you can only choose one platform, but the good news is you can use both platforms simultaneously. In the video below we demonstrate how you can send a single live stream to both destinations (this approach doubles your upload speed requirements). If you are serious about live streaming as a platform for communication you will undoubtedly use both platforms at some time in the future.

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