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Add wireless presentation to your conference room computer for FREE with Intel Unite software

Posted by Paul Richards on Mar 16, 2016 3:51:04 PM

Hello AV & IT Pros!

I just wanted to briefly share my successful testing with the Intel UNITE software. Intel UNITE is a free collaboration software from Intel that provides wireless content sharing, file sharing and document annotation over a local area network. UNITE has a open API for developers and looks like a promising collaboration platform for businesses of any size!

UPDATE 7/6/2016: "I wanted to clarify that our Intel Unite software for meeting spaces will only run on a limited number of mini PC platforms today, all of which feature our Intel Core vPro processors.  For the Intel NUC product line today, this only includes the Intel NUC Board NUC5i5MYBE and the Intel NUC Kit NUC5i5MYHE, which both feature a 5th gen Intel Core i5 vPro processor.  Processors without vPro support, like the ones shown on the CRS posting, are not viable as room solutions running Intel Unite software."

As you can see from the video series above we have done some in-depth testing of the platform designed around the ever popular Intel NUC "Next Unit of Computing". The basic idea is that a Intel NUC (or other Windows Computer) will be a the "collaboration host", connected to a LCD display for everyone in the meeting room to use. 

My first impressions were extremely positive. The client installation file was small and quick. From there you are given the option of using Intel UNITE as a "dedicated appliance" or a "simple application" allowing IT teams to lock down shared meeting room computer. 

Once installed users will walk into a room that displays a local address to download the UNITE client and a security code to start presenting. UNITE will automatically scale presentations up to four screen when additional users start wireless presenting. 

The actual client where users have a few basic options is simplistic which I prefer. Take a look at the Intel UNITE client vs the popular Mersive Solstice and Crestron Air Media Clients.

I won't dig into a full comparison in this post but wanted to draw a simple comparison to other solutions in the industry. 

Want to learn more about Intel UNITE?

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