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How to broadcast student announcements

Posted by Paul Richards on Nov 21, 2016 1:28:32 PM

It’s never been easier to set up a live stream of your school student announcement show before. Today’s technology from googles YouTube live to PTZoptics USB connected cameras live streaming can truly be plug and play. If your school can set up a small broadcast studio it can become an amazing resource for both faculty staff and students to create amazing promotional videos and live streams. If you can set up a green screen and proper lighting your school will have the ability to create television quality 1080 P live videos and streams for student announcements out reach programs and much much more.

So what do you need to get started with the live streaming system for student announcements? The first thing you’re going to want to do is dedicate either a PC or a Mac computer to your broadcast room as the central point of your life streaming system. Your students will find it easy to use a familiar interface of either Windows or Mac OSx with a live streaming software installed such as vMix or wirecast. From here you are going to want to connect at least one camera and one microphone to your computer. Once you have your audio and video connected you can basically start a simple live stream for free with a content delivery network such as YouTube live.
If you have a little time you can brand of the entire experience with your schools logo and maybe even an intro video. PTZ optics offers a free e-book containing tons of great advice, free broadcast assets and even a green screen starter kit.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed call PTZ optics directly and talk with one of our technical sales experts. We have multiple technicians who specialize on the educational market to help. Schools all across the world set up affordable live streaming systems.
You don’t have to be a television broadcast engineer these days to set up an easy-to-use live streaming computer. Subscribe to PTZ optics YouTube channel and get updates on tons of great advice on how to do it yourself.
We have tips on selecting the best computer for your schools live streaming of the student announcements plus ideas on how to easily brand each episode with useful content from your users. Do you have a Twitter account for your school? We can integrate that into your student announcements for safe curated experience your teachers and students can participate in live.
Do you have a photography or media department at your school? Consider including some of your higher tech departments in your live broadcast program. Perhaps they’d like to show off some of their latest discoveries on your next live stream.

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