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How to avoid Video Conferencing Bandwidth issues

Posted by Paul Richards on Nov 2, 2014 7:15:00 PM

Video Conferencing Bandwidth Tools from Conference Room Systems 

bandwidth_issuesBandwidth is possibly the most important asset to a successful video conference call. Access to high quality bandwidth is also the driving force for the spread of high quality video conferencing. So how much bandwidth do you need and how can you quickly determine how much bandwidth your system has access to? 

Free Tool: Check your video conferencing bandwidth speeds anytime using our free network tool specifically designed for video conferencing anytime @ http://speed.conferenceroomsystems.com. Check your bandwidth speeds using any web browser! There is no PHP , Java, ASP or other server-side scripting needed! This is a pure JavaScript broadband tester run by the web browser. *Note this software is installed on 


our servers in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you are in another part of the world or would like to test our software on your network you can learn more here

Run a Free Speed Test Now!

Video Conferencing Bandwidth

Video Conferencing uses a lot of bandwidth. That bandwidth travels from the server that hosts the meeting to the network of the participants joined into the call. This server is located in Scottsdale, AZ, USA. So it's a great middle ground for testing what a GoToMeeting or Zoom.US call will use.

What these results will tell...slow_video_conferencing_bandwidth

This software will tell you the ping rate and how much bandwidth download/upload speed you have access to from our servers in Scottsdale, AZ, USA. This is a very good test to judge what video conferencing calls will be like uses a service like GoToMeeting or WebEX with server in California, USA.

Install this software on your sever

This software is available to be installed on your server to test video confernecing bandwidth speeds in your environment.Click here to learn more. This a great way to test bandwidth pipelines fomr anywhere in the world to your server.

mobile_video_conferencing_bandwidthWhat to look for...

Upload and Download speeds are what the most important bandwidth factors for video conferencing. The presentation below gives a breakdown on what to expect based on video resolutions.

Check on your Tablet or SmartPhone

So many users are video conferencing using Smart Phones, Tablets and Surface PC computers to video conference wirelessly using either WiFi or 3G! It's important to check the bandwidth of any device you may want to video conferencing with. That's why our system is completely BYOD!

Cloud Based Video Conferencing

Generally download speeds are more important for "Web-Based" video conferencing. The most you will ever need for "smooth video conferencing' upload or download per second will be 2Mbs.

H.323 & SIP Video Conferencing

H.323 and SIP Systems are much different than "Cloud Based Systems". These traditional video conferencing systems require up to 3 MBs Up and Down to maintain the highest quality video 1080p video conferencing connections.

Review your Bandwidth Resultsgood_video_conferencing_bandwidth

Depending on your network you should see Download/Upload Speeds anywhere from 1-50Mbs. The U.S average download speed is 30Mbs and Upload is 9Mbs (Most current results here)

Who is CRS?

CRS or Conference Room Systems is made up of Web Video Conferencing experts specializing in online video conferencing technology. We provide USB based video conferencing equipment compatible with anything from GoToMeeting, to WebEX, Skype and Zoom.US.

Wireless or Hardwired?

It's always best to go with a hardwired connection for dedicated computer hosting the video conferencing meeting. But just to be sure, test both, by plugging in directly to your network and running the test.


BandwidthTestIntroduction to video conferencing bandwidth:

Bandwidth is possibly the most important asset to a sucessful video conference call. Access to high quality bandwidth is also the driving force for the spread of video conferencing worldwide. So how much bandwidth do you need and how can you quickly determine how much bandwidth your system has access to? 

video_conferencing_bandwidth-1How much Bandwidth is required?

Web Video Conferencing i.e. (WebRTC, Skype)


Upload and Download speeds are the most important bandwidth factors for video conferencing. Generally download speeds are more important for "Web-Based" video conferencing because the cloud is transcoding the video call and sending optimized content back to all the uers. The most you will ever need for "smooth video conferencing' is a download speed of 1 Mbs per second. Upload requirement speeds are general 1/2 of download speeds. This will depend on how many users on the call (see below).

Premium Video Conferencing i.e. (Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, WebEX, Zoom.US)


Pay as you go services that offer more features than simple face to face video calls also use more bandwidth. Still less than traditional H.323/SIP bandwidth requirements premium video conferencing services use anywhere from 1-2 Mbs. 

Traditional H.323 & SIP Video Conferencing

Traditional video conferencing systems use the most bandwidth and provide the highest quality of video conferencing. You can see up to 2-3Mbs requirements with even more bandwidth being used for "content sharing". See the chart below for general bandwidth requirements. 


How much Bandwidth do I have?

Use our free video conferencing bandwidth testing tool right here! This tool will automatically check your video conferencing system's access to upload and download speeds using any web browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox or Safari). 

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