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How to share a Android tablet during a GoToMeeting or WebEX video call

Posted by Paul Richards on Sep 9, 2014 7:31:59 PM

Everybody knows that sharing your screen is easy with GoToMeeting and WebEX. Many people use GoToMeeting and WebEX to share their desktop or their webcam but what if you want to share a Android tablet? 

Using a Epihan "Frame Grabbers" you can share almost any device including the latest Android tablets. Other uses include smart phones, external cameras, ultrasound displays or nearly any other device with a video-out port. 

Learn how easy it is to share your Android tablet during a video call in this blog post. It's really easy and you can use any digital video signal!


1. a GoToMeeting or WebEX account

2. Download GoToMeeting or WebEX to your computer for use

3. Any Epiphan frame grabber for this example we will use the DVI2USB3 for the android tablet.

4. A device that transmit video from either HDMI or DVI.

How to share a Android tablet during a GoToMeeting or WebEX video call


  1. Install (if required) the Epiphan drivers and software on your computer.

  2. Start the Epiphan Capture Tool (called VGA2USB on a Mac).

  3. Connect a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable from your Asus Tablet.

  4. Add the provided HDMI to DVI adapter to your HDMI cable

  5. Connect the adapter to the DVI2USB 3.0.

  6. Use the provided USB 3.0 cable to connect your DVI2USB 3.0 to a USB port on your computer.

  7. Verify that you see your tablet's display in the Epiphan Capture Tool on your computer.

  8. Open up and/or sign into GoToMeeting or WebEX

  9. Select the "DVI2USB"as your webcam. 
  10. And off you go! :)



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