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[Tutorial] How to live stream a musical performance

Posted by Paul Richards on Jun 29, 2016 1:30:54 PM

Hello AV & IT Professioansl!

In this tutorial, Paul Richards and Jonathan Vineyard demonstrate how to live stream a musical performance at a local festival in Pennsylvania. This live streaming tutorial includes everything from equipment set up to tips and tricks for video production. You will learn how to set up a multi-camera live streaming system with Wirecast (or vMix) using a PC, multiple PTZ cameras and a joystick controller. Audio mixing is also mentioned and viewers will learn tips on feeding the audio board and converting the signal to USB for live streaming. This live stream was recorded with YouTube Live and is called "Pretty Good Festival 2016" (link below).


The full live stream is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUlY7Zxunjo

How to live stream with a Band/Concert with a Drone: https://youtu.be/MqDq1_o1d_M

Why using Multiple Cameras during your live stream is important: https://youtu.be/FKvR_ITQ2Xs


Topics: YouTube Live, Live Streaming, Live Broadcasting, Video Production, AV


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