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Live Streaming for good... Our $10,000 donation to charities helping children is just the start :)

Posted by Paul Richards on Aug 18, 2016 11:26:18 AM

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone! Our business partners, our YouTube subscribers and our customers! 2016 has been our most successful year in business EVER! 

I can't describe how grateful I am for the success our company has achieved! So we are starting a new donation program off with $10,000 for the Susquehanna Valley CASA!

Starting July 25th, 2016 we are donating up to $250 per week on our live show! In an effort to help under priveledged children we encourage our viewers to help match our donations AND we are offering a "Community Engagement Jump Start Kit" to help non-profit organizations take advantage of social media, video content creation and live streaming!

The Live Show

Add $1 to our donation each week by liking our show on YouTube!

Community Engagement Jump Start Kit!

Use our FREE social media / video content creation jump-start kit to help non-profit organizations increase communication in the digital age!

Jump Start Kit Includes:

  1. Job Description for volunteers - For social media outreach employees
  2. Training Program - Free Coupon Codes for our YouTube Channel, Content Creation and Live Streaming courses available on UDEMY.
  3. Video Assets - Everything your social media employee needs to start creating video content
  4. Achievable Goal List - How can you measure success? This goal list helps make sure you are asking for donations and getting the attention your non-profit organization deserves!
  5. Content Creation Schedule - A template for content creation. Example below:

Monday - Video Update for current outreach programs

Tuesday - Video Update for success stories

Wednesday - Video Update for Donation Goals

Thursday - Weekly Live Show taking questions from the community

Monthly - Live broadcast of monthly meeting for full transparency and community engagement

  1. Internship Opportunity - Do you have a volunteer that needs help learning the ropes of social media and video content creation? PTZOptics has a limited offering of internship opportunities.

Get the jump start kit here: http://ptzoptics.com/landing/charity-jump-start.html

See the charities we have already donated to here! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WBDmwDq1R71vR4BF5JlxL3hQCqEvUS70maoqd72Zzoc/edit?usp=sharing

NEW: Do you have a business who wants to sponsor your CASA? Submit this form to request donations for video equipment!



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