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The Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming!

Includes Tips from 7 Industry Experts including: vMix, Wirecast, DACAST and more....

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PTZOptics Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming


The ultimate guide to live streaming includes an in-depth look at the exciting live streaming industry. Chock-full of information for beginners and advanced streamers alike this guide include tips from the following industry experts:

  1. Andrew Haley - Product & Live Streaming Evangelist for Wirecast
  2. Tim V - Chief Operator Officer at vMix
  3. Tom Sinclair - CEO of EasternShoreBroadcasting
  4. Jim Bask - Streaming Director at VideoGuys
  5. John Basile - Chief Streaming Officer at StreamDudes
  6. Greg Ellis - Vice President of DACAST
  7. Paul Richards - Chief Streaming Officer at PTZOptics

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Jump to the Conclusion from Paul Richards - Chief Streaming Officer for PTZOptics:

I hope you have enjoyed this section of our “Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming”... Everyday I meet people from all walks of life interested in live streaming. Some are innovators pushing the limits and other are purists using the basics to present in truest form. I read in USA today that the number one technology trend entrepreneurs should be using is… you guessed it live streaming.

My advice would be simple… Get started and have fun with it. We are all unique individuals and we all have a unique story to tell. Yes, it’s going to take ALOT of hard work to get the technology to paint your picture accurately… But nothing good ever comes easy.