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Make any webcam wireless w/ the USB2AIR

Posted by Paul Richards on Mar 3, 2017 9:42:25 AM

I have been waiting to write about this use case for what seems like an eternity. Our Kickstarter has finally launched, production is underway and the product is finallyavailable for pre-order! So I am happy to announce we can now make any USB 2.0 webcam wireless! This has been one of our most popular requests since we released the HuddleCamHD 3X back in 2014 and the demand for easy to install USB based video conferencing equipment has been growing tremendously.



The video above demonstrates the brand new HuddleCamHD USB2Air in action. The USB2Air provides a wireless USB 2.0 extension link between the host and device transceivers up to 25 feet (6-8 meters). The beauty of this solution is that the wireless connection is point-to-point and therefore ultra-low latency. The low latency P2P connection along with a hefty 30 Mbps bandwidth link provide more than enough throughput to use with multiple 1080p webcams (USB 2.0 Only), audio conferencing devices and even interactive touch screens (with HDMI & Control).

So in this video, we wirelessly extend the USB 2.0 from a Logitech c920 to demonstrate a popular use case for Wireless USB extension for webcams. As we mentioned, many times in a conferencing environment the computer is either behind the LCD or a laptop on the table. Either way, the USB2Air can be used as a wireless USB extender for a webcam and multiple devices inside the bandwidth limitations. If your laptop is on the conference room table you can use the USB2Air to connect devices wirelessly such as a Webcam mounted on the wall to your laptop. If your computer is behind the LCD display you can use the USB2Air to add additional products such as a document camera or touch screen controller. 

The reason why the USB2Air is so special is because the latency is super low (1 millisecond). So the wireless USB extension can be used for real-time applications such as video conferencing and in-room collaboration. As you can see in the video, the latency is just as good as if the USB webcam was plugged directly into the computer. The only drawback is that this is a Windows-only product! That means this will work with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 but not any Mac computers!

We will be conducting live demonstrations every Friday at 10AM PST 1PM EST and answering, your questions about our latest product! Check out our Kickstarter for more info or to purchase one for yourself! 

What does this mean for HuddleCamHD Dealers?

You guessed it. Wireless USB camera SKUs coming in Q2 of 2017! Because the USB2Air has so many different applications the device will be available as a stand-alone unit to be integrated into various applications. But you asked and we listened! The market is looking for wireless USB conference camera solutions that easier to install and set up for web-based video conferencing applications such as: GoToMeeting, WebEX, Skype for Business and Zoom. If you are interested in becoming a HuddleCamHD partner please email partners@huddlecamhd.com

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