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Microphone durability testing

Posted by Paul Richards on Apr 29, 2015 3:10:00 PM

Has anyone ever told you to "Knock it off"? Well we did that to our new wireless speakerphone to perform a durability test. As you can see on our video we drop the HuddlePod Air from 6' (not recommended) and "Knock it off a table" to demonstrate just how tightly designed these cylynder protective cases are to the wireless electronics inside. 

HuddlePod_Air_WarrantyHow important is duarbility in to you when you purchase electronic equipment?

We think it's really important! Especially in different industry's where "toughness matters". A 3 year standard warranty speakerphone comes with a 7 hour battery talk time. *The battery may reduce overall battery life over time.

Check out the HuddlePod Air Release!

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