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Are you MicroStreaming yet? A new workflow for video content creation....

Posted by Paul Richards on Apr 12, 2016 1:03:51 PM

Hello AV & IT Pros!

In today’s day and age YouTube stars are made every week. The content medium is so effective that brands are now shifting marketing budgets around to afford videos reviews and mentions on popular YouTube Channels with relevant subscriber communities. YouTube is now the internet's second largest search engine and customers are spending more time researching online before they contact sales. Providing high quality on-demand videos is imperative in today’s market but how can marketing departments keep up with ever changing demand for video content creation?



MicroStreaming is a free workflow pioneered by the live streaming industry to eliminate post production and create high quality branded marketing videos with ease. The basic idea is that you create a “virtual template” with all your corporate branding, titles, intros, and outros with a broadcasting software such as: Livestream, vMix, WireCast, OBS or xSplit. Once complete you can use this template over and over again for different topics by inserting your own talent and custom titles. What’s even better? This technique encourages live recording, eliminates post production and leads to becoming more comfortable hosting live streamed events on free services like YouTube Live.

The “MicroStreaming” approach pulls from effective sales principles and applies live streaming technologies to a new innovative workflow. “Using a green screen with virtual sets allows marketing teams the ability to place their next video anywhere in the world!” says Paul Richards Dir of Business Development at PTZOptics. “We seamlessly switch between various scenes to make our videos more powerful between on Hook, Line and Sinker transitions.”

MicroStreaming.io has pioneered this new technique and recently released a free video series introducing the main topics of interest. In this video series you can learn about how to create amazing marketing videos that will stand out, create leads and generate demand for your organization online. What’s the ultimate goal of microstreaming? Happy Customers.

The Video Series consists of:

  1. Intro to MicroStreaming
  2. Simple Path to Success
  3. Selecting the Right Equipment
  4. Using existing video conferencing equipment
  5. Using Green Screens and Virtual Sets
  6. Adding Branding and Titles

Learn more at http://www.MicroStreaming.io


Download eBook here


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