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Is Slack's slash command the secret sauce for success with the tech user generation?

Posted by Paul Richards on Feb 28, 2016 10:37:03 AM

Hello AV & IT Professionals!

Does the tech generation get excited when amazingly simple UI makes life easy? Slack makes everyday tasks more efficient for teams around the world! So much so that it has become the fastest growing business collaboration software company in the history of the world! So what does Slack do? It organizes communications for internal teams who can collaborate on "channels" of information. But, that is just the tip of the iceberg and Slack's "Slash Command Prompt" opens up doors for everyday task automation for the tech generation.

So what is the Slack "Slash Command"?

The slash command allows users to issue commands and automate tasks. With Slack's open API developers have been creating all kinds of applications. One of my favorite slash commands pulls data from google sheets which displays our weekly sales numbers. Slack simplifies life by allowing us to stay in a single application with access multiple services.  Another great example is the ability to launch a Zoom video conference call directly in slack. 

The success of Slack is starting to spread to "slack born" apps taking their own life. Blab.im is a new free live streaming service which is growing in enormous strides as well. Above you can see a picture of various slack slash commands our team here at HuddleCamHD uses.

The picture above shows some of the blab.im slash commands. Technically Blab.im is still in BETA but I could see blab creating a API integration for developers in the future like Slack has done. As you can see the commands offer an easy form of interaction that appeals to the "tech generation". Personally I'm just learning how to use these commands effectively. Is it just me or is the "slash command" going to be in more cloud solutions this year? Launching a Zoom video conference from Slack just makes our teams life easier. I'm sure more integration's like this are in development today.

Upcoming Webinar

In this webinar HuddleCamHD will share how we use Slack to increase our team's communications and transparency. We will demostrate tips and tricks we have learned along with how to integrate Slack with other cloud services such as Google Sheets, Hubot and Zoom Video Conferencing!

Learn about Slack in this quick 20 minute webinar/live stream...

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