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SoundMaskingLab White Noise Generation Project

Posted by Paul Richards on Feb 7, 2015 11:55:00 AM

Hello Office Workers!

Did you know only 1-2% of office space actually has sound masking? That seems crazy to me because over 40% of fortune 100 companies use cambridge sound management products alone! Check out the companies below that use sound masking... it's definitely something that you buy if you can afford it. But today, we are going to look at different types of "white noise" and the SoundMaskingLab.com project that brings these technologies to life by playing the audio clips for everyone to hear. 


The SoundMaskingLab.com Project

SoundMaskingLab.com is unique because it provides a white noise generation system from real world products like the Dohm Marpac and Cambridge Sound Management Sonet and Qt systems. These are real world tested products that are available today for increasing privacy and productivity in the workplace. Our app let's you listen to our recordings from any sound system, any android device or any web-browser. Listen at your leisure and use this tool to determine whether sound masking is needed in your office.

Let's take a look at the data supporting the project. 

Enjoy free sound masking at: http://SoundMaskingLab.com

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