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The Best Wide Angle Conferencing Cameras and Kits

Posted by Emily Richards on Jul 5, 2018 3:57:53 PM

The Best Wide Angle Conferencing Cameras and Kits
- Small to Medium Conference Rooms-

Video Conferencing has become increasingly popular in the workplace these days, but sometimes conferencing space is limited. Squeezing multiple people into small huddle rooms and trying to get everyone to look good on camera can be a challenge. That is why we are offering a number of wide angle cameras and kits specifically designed with “Huddle” rooms in mind that have large fields of view to capture everyone in the room at close range. We know that not every company has the space or budget for complex AV installation and instead we offer affordable solutions that fit into any business space, even the smallest.

Typically for small rooms, accommodating 4-6 people, it is recommended to have at least an 80 degree field of view in order to capture everyone seated in the room. A camera with a wide angle of 45 degrees will only capture within a field that is 82% as wide as the distance from the camera. This is only 41% of the wider camera image and would not capture people seated at the front of the table. See the graphic below for examples:

Not just for small rooms, wide angle cameras can also be a great asset if your medium sized room is particularly wide, or if you need to orient your room so that the camera is in the middle instead of at the end of a long table. If any of these room layouts sound like yours, than you will need a wide angle lens camera. Take a look at some of our favorite options.

It is essentially the difference between seeing this:

A nice image of your whole team at close range accomplished a wide angle lens

Or This:

A good portion of your team cut out of the picture with a non-wide lens



Our Top Selling Wide Angle Conference Room Equipment:

  1. HuddleCamHD Go - All In One Conference Camera

  2. CRS Wide-Angle Video Conference System Or Wide-Angle Video On the Wall System

  3. HuddleCamHD 3X Wide-G2 Video Conferencing Camera

  4. PTZOptics ZCam VL (Variable Lens) Live Streaming Broadcast Camera

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wide angle conference Camera

1.HuddleCamHD Go - All in One Conference Camera

Price: $299

At at glance:

All-in-one solution

Small Huddle Room

110° field of view lens



360° Microphone Pickup with Echo Cancellation

The HuddleCamHD GO has one of the widest FOV’s (Field of View) on the market at 110 degrees. Designed to be portable, the camera can sit on any table/surface and is connected via just one USB cable to a Mac or PC computer. The camera has a slight tilt that can be done manually, but no pan or zoom. This simple camera packs a big punch for businesses on a budget, or individuals looking for pro AV equipment on the go.

An all-in-one solution, the HuddleCamHD GO has a built in 360° microphone with echo cancellation allowing you to be heard clearly from anywhere in the room (with about a 12 foot radius). The camera is compatible with most, if not all, meeting softwares like Zoom, Bluejeans, Skype, and more.


This camera is a great option for plug-and-play, affordability, user friendly installation, and portability.



Wide Angle Conference Kit

2. CRS Wide angle Video Conference System or Wide-Angle Video On the Wall Conference System

Price: $2,436.81 - $2,487.31

At A Glance:

All-in-one kit with wide angle camera, wireless Keyboard, Wireless Speakerphone, and Powerful 6th generation i5 NUC

Good for conference room looking for pan, tilt, and zoom

Good for permanent installations


Easy Install

full HD uncompressed 1080p

“On The Wall Option” to obliterate clutter

This bundled Conference AV Kit includes everything you need to get started video conferencing in a small to medium room that requires a wide angle lens. Ideal for anyone looking for an easy do it yourself install, this plug and play solution is designed with even the most technically challenged in mind! Including a wide angle lens camera (the HuddleCamHD 3X Wide 90 Degree FOV), a speakerphone (HuddlePod Air), a wireless keyboard (the microsoft all-in-one keyboard), and a computer (the Powerful 6th generation i5 NUC).

The Wide Angle Video Conference System was made to eliminate as many wires as possible for a clean looking conference room. For an even cleaner look the Wide Angle Video on the Wall Conference System uses the Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker II that can be installed on the wall eliminating the need to have any hardware on your conferencing table.

Save money by going with a kitted AV solution for each of your small Huddle Rooms.



3. HuddleCamHD 3X Wide-G2 Video Conferencing Camera

Price: $899

At a Glance:

High definition 1080p Camera

90 Degree Feild of View

Plus and play

USB 3.0 video output

Easy PTZ Control

One of our most popular cameras, the HuddleCamHD 3X Wide is a great camera for small or even medium sized rooms that need a wide field of view. This camera is equip with a real SONY lens built in which provide a perfect 90 Degree FOV to capture wide spaces with no fish eye. With high definition 1080p video that is compatible with almost all meeting softwares, this camera is a great value.

The camera is easy to control and has a 3X optical zoom with an additional 12X digital zoom and can be used with any computer Mac or PC (we suggest you have a quad core processor on your computer so it can handle uncompressed uncompressed USB 3.0)


If you are not in need of the audio, computer, or keyboard, this camera is a great stand alone solution for those in need of a wide angle conferencing camera.



4. PTZOptics Zcam Variable Lens

Price: $499


At a Glance:

Largest Potential Field of View 122°(Wide) 28°(Tele)

Fixed Camera (no PTZ)

1080p HD video

Variety of Lenses

Manual Zoom and Focus

Great in Low light Scenarios

Broadcast Quality

Designed to be an affordable solution for video projects such as conferencing or live streaming. With interchangeable lenses you can choose from hundreds of lens options or you can stick with the wide angle lens included that offers up to 122 degrees wide field of view. That is wider than any of our other cameras! This camera makes for a great fixed camera solution where your business is not in need of pan, tilt, and zoom options.

The included lens has manual zoom & focus giving you the ability to "set and forget" so you don't have to worry about the target getting out of focus. It also features a Wide Dynamic Range giving low light scenarios exceptional quality. Compatible with almost all conferencing softwares, like GoToMeeting, Lifesize, Skype and more!


This option pairs great with the HuddlePod Air or HuddlePod Air Duo for rooms in need of a speakerphone for video conferences.



Didn't see the right camera for your conference room? Talk to one of our dedicated account managers to design a custom solution or download our camera selection white paper below.

Download the camera selector

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