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TelyLabs SIP Webcam

Posted by Paul Richards on Jun 19, 2013 2:39:00 PM

Haverford systems June 2013: Telylabs introduces the first step compatible high-definition WebCam with a built in computer. The TelyHD WebCam from Telylabs is truly a groundbreaking breaking webcam. The TelyHD comes with built-in Skype bluejeans and sip capable videoconferencing. The telyHD also includes a web browser and the ability to connect over Wi-Fi or ethernet. This is the first WebCam that can connect to any Polycom Cisco or life-size endpoint without a additional computer. The tellyHDhas dual streaming capability of allowing you to video conference with up to six different participants and share presentations at the same time. With a price tag of only $649 this web cam is built for inexpensive Hoddle rooms for breakout rooms for videoconferencing. The telly labs HD videoconferencing WebCam opens up all new doors for video conferencing on a budget. The Telylabs HD WebCam can either connect to a sip or H.323 endpoint using existing infrastructure or it can connect to sip H.323 and endpoints using the telly cloud.
The Telylabs HD WebCam is built to also support services such as bluejeans Vidtel or Skype by logging in with your username and password. Telylabs business enterprise-level WebCam is made to leverage existing investments in videoconferencing infrastructure. Is not affordable way to connect small conference rooms rooms and break rooms the world of videoconferencing. Since the telyHD includes an onboard PC web browsing application sharing and videoconferencing capabilities can be added for less than $1000 a room.

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