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Smart room systems for Microsoft Lync

Posted by Paul Richards on May 19, 2013 6:04:00 PM

Haverford systems Inc. May 2013: Smart room systems made for integration with Microsoft Lync. Small medium and large smart technology ready conference rooms optimized. for Microsoft Lync. 70 inch start screen LCDs 82 inch touchscreen LCDs and duels 70 inch touchscreen LCDs optimized for Microsoft Lync.
Smart room systems include a touchscreen LCD up to four table microphones control system and HD camera for video conferencing. Each smart Room system includes a appliance grade computer optimized for Microsoft Lync. Microsoft lync teams up with smart technologies to create a collaborative audio and video conferencing system. Smart technologies offers touchscreen at LCDs for collaboration and video conferencing on Microsoft Lync.
For more information about smart technology room systems optimized for Microsoft Lync call 610-518-2200. Or visit You WWW.Haverford.com

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Topics: Smart technologies, Microsoft Lync, Touch screen LED LCD

Fourth generation SmartBoard touchscreen LCD

Posted by Paul Richards on May 17, 2013 12:20:00 PM

Haverford systems Incorporated May 2013: Smart technologies announces fourth-generation touchscreen LCD. The ever popular 8070i Is now being introduced in a fourth-generation model with new features and benefits. Smart technologies also introduces and 82 inch LCD with touchscreen capabilities. The new 82 inch smart touchscreen LCD is the largest smart touchscreen LCD on the market from smart technologies.
The new fourth generation smart technologies touchscreen LCDs are prepared for the 21st-century high tech conference room. Smart technologies has long been the leader in touch screen collaboration technology and now introduces fourth-generation touchscreen LCDs. Each LCD comes with smart meeting pro geared for business collaboration and meeting room productivity.
Smart technologies touchscreen LCDs are competitively priced and can be bought with the built-in PC for immediate easy-to-use touchscreen Capabilities.
For more information on smart technologies touchscreen LCDs the 55 inch and 82 inch LCD contact Haverford systems At 610-518-2200.

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Topics: Smart technologies, Touch screen LED LCD


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