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VDO360 HD PTZ WebCam Achieves 1080p video

Posted by Paul Richards on May 21, 2013 11:49:00 AM

Haverford systems May 2013: VDO360 announces their new HD PTZ WebCam achieves 1080 video over Cisco jabber. Cisco jabber and VDO360 work together to achieve one of the first ever USB WebCam 1080 resolutions . Traditionally USB 2.0 was known to only have 720 P resolution capability. As new technologies such as Cisco jabber push the boundaries of what's possible USB 2.0 can now handle 1080 video.
As USB WebCams become more affordable web-based videoconferencing such as Cisco jabber and Microsoft lync become tools and partners with web cam manufactures. VDO360 is one of those WebCam manufactures that is produced a HD USB PTZ WebCam less than $1400. With 1080 video resolution over Cisco jabber high definition web conferencing is never been this good. Video 360s V PTZ H – 01 WebCam Has 12X zoom for up close or wide view web conferencing.

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