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What's In Store for 2016? Play with our Video Conferencing Prediction Tool!

Posted by Matthew Davis on Dec 30, 2015 9:03:42 PM


Every year ConferenceRoomSystems.com releases their predictions for the video conferencing industry along with the results from the previous year. We didn't see everything we predicted for 2015 but we did see some amazing advances in video conferencing, live streaming and wireless presentation.

See Last Years Predictions for 2015 below... 

Prediction: Video Conferencing will be used as a way to reduce Corporate Carbon Footprints. Environmental policies and travel reduction campaigns will gain more traction and look to video conferencing as a solution.

Reality: While VTC has continued to make headway into the reducing carbon footprints, the massive shift is not happening at once but rather as a steady stream

Prediction: WebRTC gains increased traction as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer add advanced feature support. Developers increase flexibility and security. Customized WebRTC solutions are depolyed by programmers for every industry.

Reality: WebRTC has had some setbacks in regards to security this past year, but don't fret - the open community is working hard to get WebRTC back on track for 2016

Prediction: More affordable web conferencing solutions like Skype for Business and Zoom.US gain larger market share as GoToMeeting and WebEX slowly lose market dominance.

Reality: More affordable solutions are continuing to pull business from the traditional VTC markets such as Cisco and Polycom - providing more time for GoToMeeting and others to get their ducks in a row; the quesiton is will they respond in time to prevent Zoom & S4B from stealing their business too?

Prediction: New technologies for video conferencing reduce the bandwidth requirements and allow "low bandwidth" areas to access video conferencing. TeleMedicine will take advantage of this to service 3rd world countries.

Reality: With H265 & VP9 truly on the horizon for 2016, we will most likely see this year offering more low bandwidth solutions built into your everyday conferencing solutions.

Prediction: The first 4K webcam is here. Now software providers will start to support 4k and 5k video resolutions... This will be important for key industries but will the entire market follow?

Reality: The current 4K Camera offerings are still new to the scene and as a result almost no one has responded, we should see the largest interest in this field emerging from TeleMedicine once the hardware is stable

Prediction: Either Google or the U.S Government will release free WiFi access points across the United States. Further spreading access to high speed internet and communications to rural areas.

Reality: It looks like any service offered will most likely be tiered based on income for gov't setups and have a small fee for any potential Google offerings... but nothing has come to fruition yet

Prediction: Video Conferencing is futher integrated to support interactive touch screens and wireless presentation replacing the need for wireless presentation hardware. Interactive solutions, wireless presentation and webinar streaming will be bundled into one cohesive application.

Reality: We've seen many companies, such as Zoom.US, implementing as many of these features as they can while maintaining a stable platform... we expect to see such add-ons continuing with no end in site to create one platform for your meeting needs

Prediction: USB Based video conferencing products will replace traditional hardware based codecs & leverage the power of cloud based software and faster CPU's in computers.

Reality: "We're getting there..."


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